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From the desk of Debbie Caruso

Wedneday, November 27th, 2019

URGENT – HUD is appointing NEW AM’s in ALL 50 STATES 

Three big announcements I want to share with you.

Debbie Caruso here (the HUD AM Proposal lady that helps you put your best foot forward for being selected as a HUD Listing Agent ( in case you have forgotten)).

First, would you like to be awarded a 5 Year Listing agreement in your state?

One that offers one of the highest Broker/Agent compensations in the industry?

IF YOU answered “Y E S”, then now is the time to prepare to put your best foot forward!. 

A Master Listing Agreement for 5 years to list HUD Homes can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions over the life of the agreement, and HUD listings are some of the easiest listings to service.

If you want to be one of the HUD Listing Agents to receive a 5 Year Master Listing Agreement to list HUD properties, then now is the time to get your NEW Proposal completed

Time is running short, AM Proposals were collected late in August, and at approximately the same time, a protest was filed.  This means that it will take a little more time to award NEW AM Contracts, which is good news for you if you have not started thinking about a NEW Listing Proposal, but you will need one and it will need to have a different focus from your last proposal as HUD sees the issues in the listings and you will need to know what those issues are and address them!

By registering for a Proposal you will be notified of the new AM the day it is announced by HUD along with their contact information for proposal submission. 

Be Prepared!

And I have good and bad news on that front. 

That’s announcement #2. 

Due to a big new strategy change for 2020 by me, this will be the last time I’ll do these new proposals at my current rate of $500. In 2020 the rate will double to $1,000, still a great deal if I can help you land a six figure contract with it. So if you want an old proposal updated (older than 12 months) or a new one created at the current rate go here in the next few days. When I fill this up, it won’t be available again until the rate doubles: sign up for a time and I will send you an invoice.

And if you have a proposal that’s more recent and it needs updating, I’ll cut the existing rate in half for me to tweak and polish it. Hit reply and I’ll reach out one on one for that.

And now for the really big news.

Many of you have been asking for expanded help in landing these REO contracts (and help building bigger income in other ways). I’ve decided it’s time to up my game, and help at a deeper level.

If you know me, you know I”m not one of those hypsters that are all talk and do game, so in this way I’m going to disrupt the marketplace too. Imagine a program that will guarantee a six figure income for you, where I give you all the help and support you need, AND link 75% of all my fees to your results!!

That’s what I’m putting together, in combination with publishing a book on the subject, for 2020 launch.

I’m so excited, time to really step up and not just share these key strategies, but take you by the hand, step by step, until you get results.

If, like me, you adore that idea already, and want to consider applying for the Beta Group hit reply and ask to chat about the Beta Program.

Yes, apply. If I guarantee results you know I need to make sure I can deliver for you, and that includes making sure you’re a good fit.


Abundant Blessings


Documents Analysis

Complete review with adjustments and additions necessary to stand out with “acceptance-proven” docs.

One-on-One Session

The best choice you can make to earn your spot and get REO listings for the next 5 years.

RoadMap & Planning

Post-review compilation, editing,  and “facts check”, plus placement of proper cover and contents table.


“I can’t believe how more efficient the consult made our listing proposal submission. So happy that we chose OneSourceREO to help us. Thank you Debbie!”

Luke Amoresano, Broker Model CEO

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