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With Sage Acquisitions asking for a proposal, it is most likely that the other contractors will ask as well. So, no matter what State you are in, you may need a proposal! In fact, with all of the new inventory coming into the market, you will be able to use this proposal for many other applications and opportunities.

Documents Analysis

Complete review with adjustments and additions necessary to stand out with “acceptance-proven” docs.

One-on-One Session

The best choice you can make to earn your spot and get REO listings for the next 5 years.

RoadMap & Planning

Post-review compilation, editing,  and “facts check”, plus placement of proper cover and contents table.


“I can’t believe how more efficient the consult made our listing proposal submission. So happy that we chose OneSourceREO to help us. Thank you Debbie!”

Luke Amoresano, Broker Model CEO

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+1 443 837 6050